Design and Art Finland in China


FinlanDesign Home and Design & Art Management Finland have made an agreement on the distributorship of Modern Historic 1900 – Collection and Design Eero Aarnio items. Grand opening was on November 30th in Shanghai. Guys on photo: Yandie Yu, Antti J. Kallio and Penni Parviainen.

Finlandesign is the portal for the promotion, understanding and expansion of Finnish Design in China. Finlandesign home is our concept showcase of Finnish Design & Living. Built as an exhibition and gallery space able to host design and cultural events. The versatility of the facility is that institutions, companies, associations are also able to use the same space for their meetings and events, all in a Finnish designed and usable environment. This is the Finnish home where local communities gather for education, design, cultural happenings, and special moments.

Open to public from 5th December 2013

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