Eero Aarnio Exhibition at Designmuseo in April 2016

In April 2016, the most extensive overview thus far of the work and thought of designer Eero Aarnio will open at Design Museum. Aged 83, Professor and interior architect Eero Aarnio has had an exceptionally long career and is one of the internationally most widely known names in the history of modern design in Finland.
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Design and Art Finland in China


FinlanDesign Home and Design & Art Management Finland have made an agreement on the distributorship of Modern Historic 1900 – Collection and Design Eero Aarnio items. Grand opening was on November 30th in Shanghai. Guys on photo: Yandie Yu, Antti J. Kallio and Penni Parviainen.

Finlandesign is the portal for the promotion, understanding and expansion of Finnish Design in China. Finlandesign home is our concept showcase of Finnish Design & Living. Built as an exhibition and gallery space able to host design and cultural events. The versatility of the facility is that institutions, companies, associations are also able to use the same space for their meetings and events, all in a Finnish designed and usable environment. This is the Finnish home where local communities gather for education, design, cultural happenings, and special moments.

Open to public from 5th December 2013

Congratulations to Björn Weckström

Kaj Franck Design Prize 2013

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Björn Weckström was among the first designers to combine new materials such as acrylic with traditional precious metals. He created jewellery, among other work the renowned Space Silver collection, that was both miniature sculpture and miniature landscapes. In addition to his extensive output, mostly for the Lapponia Jewelry company, Weckström has also created impressive works in sculpture, many of them inspired by the mythology of Antiquity.

The prize jury stated that Björn Weckström’s identity as an artist is of a markedly classical orientation. It is based on a thorough knowledge of culture, crafts skills, his vision as an artist, and ethical standpoints. Weckström has explicitly sought to provoke and pose questions in both his jewellery and sculptures and he has been attuned to his times in an uncompromising and astute manner.

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Making the Best of It at the Milan

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At the International Furniture Fair, which ended Sunday, the Italian company Magis showed a stylized plastic puppy that is a signature of the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. In the new version, though, it had Dalmatian-like markings. Gesturing at reinvention — and only barely at that — the speckled dog summed up the malaise haunting the biggest and most influential trade fair in the furniture industry.

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